Videos and Podcasts

There’s a lot of stuff on the Internet about God and His Word, but not all of it is true. Some of it is just plain wrong, and others are a mish-mash of truth and our sinful reason.

Where can you look for solid Biblical teaching on the Internet? Here are some resources:

On YouTube

  • Fighting for the Faith – Hosted by Pastor Chris Rosborough, of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church (AALC) in Oslo, MN.  Looks at trends in American Christianity and a Christian worldview on current events.  Intro video
  • Bryan Wolfmueller – An LCMS pastor in Aurora, Colorado who makes videos, answers questions, and does Bible study in a video blog format.
  • Worldview Everlasting – Hosted by Pastor Jonathan Fisk and featuring explanations on the Sunday readings, Ask Da Pastor, and interviews.

Podcast (audio only)

  • Issues, Etc. – Hosted by Pastor Todd Wilken. Interviews pastors, professors, and Christians who work in the secular realm for Bible study, a deeper look at Sunday lessons, hymn studies, and current events.
  • Table Talk Radio – Co-hosted by Pastors Bryan Wolfmueller (Aurora, CO) and Evan Goeglein (Rogue River, OR). Discusses current events and trends in the church, answers listener e-mails, scrutinizes the doctrine of pop Christian songs.
  • KFUO – A Lutheran talk radio and sacred music station out of St. Louis.  Morning and early afternoon programs include Sharper Iron, Law and Gospel, and Cross Defense among others.

Some of Each

  • Lutheran Audio Review – A collection of several Lutheran podcasts, sermons, Bible studies, and other media resources (a more extensive version of this page).
  • Pirate Christian Media – The website for Fighting for the Faith (above), this is a collection of podcasts and topical presentations.