Homework for 4/2

  1. Read Chapter 20 in Catechetical Helps (be ready t0 answer review questions on last week’s lesson)
  2. Study the Lord’s Prayer (Introduction–3rd Petition) and Luther’s explanations on pages 19-20 of the catechism)
  3. Memorize one verse on page 163.
  4. Prepare a sermon report (remember, 3 are due for March, 3 for April).
  5. Continue to drill and memorize the Apostles Creed, all 3 articles (available online at

Confirmation Resources

Sermon Report Form (Sermon Report Example)

Acolyte Schedule – March 2017

Confirmation Class Notes

Commandments – 6th Commandments – 5th Commandments – 3rd Commandments – 4th Commandments – 9th and 10th, Close of Cmd Commandments – 8th Commandments – 7th

Law and Gospel