Christians United: A Brief Commentary

On August 29 of this year, a group of conservative Christian leaders released a biblical statement about LGBT matters called the Nashville Statement.  A little over a day later, a dissenting group who is strongly in favor of LGBT inclusion in the Christian Church released a statement under the name Christians United.
The Church has but one weapon with which to wage war–the Word of God.  Personal attacks and slander are irrelevant and don’t truly bring people around to a God-fearing understanding (James 1:20).
So, I offer this Scriptural critique of just the preamble to the Christians United statement, to better understand the arguments that are being made in favor of “alternative sexualities and genders” under the Name of God.

Commentary on Christians United Statement

A note on the choice of the featured image: Ever since the first temptation in the Garden of Eden, the Word of God has been used as a playing card in people’s agendas.  Greedy televangelists twist it to explain why you should send them money.  Politicians use Bible quotes to give epic weight to their platforms and policy choices.  The LGBT inclusion movement is no exception.  Their agenda is to live the life they want, so they read the Bible insofar as it supports their goals.  This a deeply dishonest way to regard the Word of the Living God.  May the true Holy Spirit who calls us to repentance for our dark deeds and enlightens us to hear the Bible as God’s Word work in their hearts before it is too late.

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