Learning about the Liturgy

Week in and week out, our congregation worships following a prescribed form. This general shape of the service (liturgy) has been used by Western Christianity for centuries. But just because it’s old isn’t a reason to use it. Starting in Summer 2021, we began learning the significance of the different parts of the Divine Service. The goal is that every Christian would see the deep meaning and proper purpose of every part of the service which has been the grazing land of much of Christ’s flock over many generations.

About the Historic Liturgy

In November 2021, Issues Etc. began a new series about the Historic Liturgy, with input from Pastor Will Weedon and Pastor Sean Daenzer. You can find those episodes below. New episodes are coming out every week (as of March 2022).

For Non-Denominational Christians

Do you come from a “non-denominational” background? The liturgy might be quite a big pill to swallow, because the form and content are so unfamiliar. Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller, a former Evangelical, is here to help with a series he did called “Liturgical Bootcamp for Evangelicals

Pieces of the Historic Liturgy

These older commentaries by Pastor Will Weedon are from the radio program Issues Etc. in 2012 and 2013. Each episode is an in-depth discussion about a part of the Sunday service.