Online Resources

From Bethlehem Lutheran

Many of us are longing for more time in God’s Word. I’ve put this list together of daily devotion and Bible study resources to help nourish you during time of our exile.

Daily Devotions

Higher Things Daily Reflections (audio) – Follows the Daily Lectionary from our hymnal of an Old Testament and New Testament reading

Daily Sermons by Pastor Larry Beane (Pastor in Gretna, LA)

Daily Chapel (Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne)

Weekly Sermons & Services

Augustana Lutheran Church, Moscow, ID (Sunday & Wednesday services – video)

Sermons by Pastor Eli Davis (St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Grants Pass, OR – text)

Bible Study

The Word of the Lord Endures Forever (Pr. William Weedon)

Gospel of Matthew (Higher Things)

1 John (Pr. Alex Lange, Holy Cross, Albany)

Videos and Podcasts

There’s a lot of stuff on the Internet about God and His Word, but not all of it is true. Some of it is just plain wrong, and others are a mish-mash of truth and our sinful reason.

Where can you look for solid Biblical teaching on the Internet? Here are some resources:


  • Issues, Etc. – Hosted by Pastor Todd Wilken. Interviews pastors, professors, and Christians who work in the secular realm for Bible study, a deeper look at Sunday lessons, hymn studies, and current events.
  • KFUO – A Lutheran talk radio and sacred music station out of St. Louis. Morning and early afternoon programs include Sharper Iron, Law and Gospel, and Cross Defense among others.
  • Table Talk Radio(Past episodes available, on hiatus since August) Co-hosted by Pastors Bryan Wolfmueller (Austin, TX) and Evan Goeglein (Rogue River, OR). Discusses current events and trends in the church, answers listener e-mails, scrutinizes the teachings of pop Christian songs.

On YouTube

  • Fighting for the Faith – Hosted by Pastor Chris Roseborough, of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church (AALC) in Oslo, MN.  Looks at trends in American Christianity and a Christian worldview on current events.  Intro video
  • Bryan Wolfmueller – An LCMS pastor in Aurora, Colorado who makes videos, answers questions, and does Bible study in a video blog format.
  • Worldview Everlasting – Hosted by Pastor Jonathan Fisk and featuring explanations on the Sunday readings, Ask Da Pastor, and interviews.

Some of Each

  • Lutheran Audio Review – A collection of several Lutheran podcasts, sermons, Bible studies, and other media resources (a more extensive version of this page).
  • Pirate Christian Media – The website for Fighting for the Faith (above), this is a collection of podcasts and topical presentations.