Junior Catechesis

Weekly Review and Progress Quizzes

Unit 4: The Lord’s Prayer

2/8/23              16. Overview of the Lord’s Prayer and the Introduction

                                    Memory Work: Lord’s Prayer, Introduction

2/15            17. The First and Second Petitions

                                    Memory Work: Lord’s Prayer, First & Second Petitions

2/22            18. The Third and Fourth Petitions

                                    Memory Work: Lord’s Prayer, Third & Fourth Petitions

3/1              19. The Fifth and Sixth Petitions

                                    Memory Work: Lord’s Prayer, Fifth & Sixth Petitions

3/8              20. The Seventh Petition and the Conclusion

                                    Memory Work: Lord’s Prayer, Seventh Petition & Amen

3/15            21. Daily Prayers

                                    Memory Work: Luther’s Morning & Evening Prayers

Unit 5: The Means of Grace

3/22            22. The Means of Grace

 Memory Work: Baptism: First and Second parts

3/29            23. The Nature and Blessings of Baptism

Memory Work: Baptism: Third and Fourth parts

4/5                       Holy Week Break

4/12            24. The Power of Baptism and What Baptism Indicates

Memory Work: Confession – What is Confession?

4/19            25. Confession and the Office of the Keys

Memory Work: Confession – Office of the Keys

4/26            26. The Nature and Benefit of the Sacrament (No class—Pastor at Conference)

Memory Work: Sacrament of the Altar: First and Second questions

5/3              27. The Power of the Sacrament of the Altar

Memory Work: Sacrament of the Altar: Third—Fifth questions

Unit 6: The Christian Life

5/10            28. Table of Duties

5/17            29. Life within the Congregation and Christian Stewardship

5/24            Question and Answer; Looking Forward to Next Year